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Los Angeles – February 20, 2024

Consistent with the recommendation of iM Global Partner Fund Management, LLC, the adviser to the iMGP RBA Responsible Global Allocation ETF (the “Fund”), the Board of Trustees determined on February 12, 2024 to liquidate and close the Fund.

Shareholders of the Fund may sell their shares on the NYSE until the market close on April 12, 2024, where transaction fees from their broker-dealer may be incurred. The shares of the Fund will no longer trade on the NYSE after the market close on April 12, 2024, and shares will be subsequently de-listed. The Fund will stop accepting creation orders from Authorized Participants on April 12, 2024.

The Fund will liquidate on or about April 17, 2024 (Liquidation Date). Shareholders who continue to hold their shares on the Liquidation Date will receive a liquidating distribution of cash in the cash portion of their brokerage accounts equal to the amount of the net asset value of their shares. Proceeds from the liquidation are currently scheduled to be sent to shareholders the day after the Liquidation Date. For tax purposes, shareholders will generally recognize a capital gain or loss equal to the amount received for their shares over the adjusted basis in such shares. Shareholders generally will see a capital gain or loss on the redemptions and should consult with and rely on their own independent tax and legal professionals about potential tax consequences.

The final tax status of distributions made by the Fund will be provided to shareholders with year-end tax reporting for the Fund (including any portion which may be treated as a return of capital for tax purposes, thereby reducing a shareholder’s basis in such shares).

To complete the liquidation, the Fund will be increasing its cash portion through the sale of portfolio assets and will deviate from the investment objective and strategies stated in the Fund’s prospectus. This may adversely affect the Fund’s performance.

For additional information about the liquidation, shareholders of the Fund may visit our website:

About iM Global Partner

iM Global Partner is an asset manager with a difference. We are a dynamic network of specialist boutique investment managers, delivering best-in-class solutions, across asset classes, to our discerning Institutional and Professional Investors across the globe. We are proud to call these businesses our Partners and they are the essence of what iM Global Partner stands for. We had approximately USD $39 billion in assets as of the end of December 2023.

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