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What are the incentives for highly successful stock pickers to work for iMGP Funds?

Our sub-advisors may be motivated by one or more factors, including:

  • The respect they’ve gained for our investment team over the years as a result of the initial and ongoing due diligence we have done on their firm. This influences the confidence they have in our firm as a strong potential partner.
  • A fee sharing structure that provides them with greater reward for strong success.
  • Their confidence in the iMGP Funds concept.
  • A number of our sub-advisors have expressed a real passion for concentrated investing that is reflected in their excitement in getting the opportunity to do so in a real world portfolio. In most cases, this is not an option in the separate accounts or the mutual funds they run.
  • The prestige of being part of a iMGP Funds group.
  • The opportunity for friendly competition against the other iMGP Funds sub-advisors.
  • The revenue stream from the account.